Pacvac Vacuum Cleaners

Pacvac – your smarter, cleaner, healthier choice
Pacvac is a leader in vacuum cleaners and equipment for the contract cleaning industry. Their fresh ideas are designed to boost your productivity while setting industry standards for health, safety and the environment.

Pacvac Back Packs

Pacvac has a range of back packs to suit any type of cleaning job. Their famous Superpros now have a fresh new look and smart new features for maximum performance to clean over 700 square meters per hour.

Pacvac Canister Vacs

For hospitality industry sites, like hotels, resorts and nursing homes, a canister vacuum cleaner may be traditionally preferred over a back pack. These canister vacs meet Pacvac’s strict quality requirements.

Pacvac Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

The Hydropro Series is manufactured to meet Pacvac’s highest quality standards offering the ultimate in heavy duty cleaning for every commercial environment. With three distinct canister sizes there’s a Hydropro sutable for every job, large or small, wet or dry.

Pacvac Polishers

Some contract cleaning jobs demand the services of a high quality commercial polisher. Pacvac offers you the option of both suction and non-suction polishing. The Polypro 400 has been developed and refined over 20 years from feedback and use in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australian Schools.

Did you know that Pacvac has a range of smart accessories to make any cleaning job easier, faster and more productive? Contact us for more information.