Bravo Professional Sprayers

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At BRAVO you will find a wide range of Industrial grade Spraying Equipment and accessories that specially are designed or modified for the Professional users in different industries or applications such as:

● Cleaning
● Automotive
● Pest & Weed Control
● Construction
● Hospitality
● Husbandry
● Catering & Food Hygeine

Bosca Trading is now supplying Bravo products for many varied industrial applications, such as:

● Cleaning industry for carpet and upholstery, hospitality and hygiene cleaning.
● Degreasing in Commercial kitchen and catering.
● In the construction industry: Concrete and tile sealer, Concrete Formwork oil and anti-damp application.
● Car and truck wash, Tyre shining applications in auto detailing.
● Degreasing and Lubricating in Auto services.
● Termite, Weed and Pest Control