Safelock System

Safelock K1

Ultra Concentrated Kitchen Range 1

Safelock K1 Manual Sink Detergent has excellent rinsability & exceptional hard water tolerance, along with superior foaming & wetting agents. Ideal for hand washing dishes, cooking utensils & glassware.

Safelock K2

Ultra Concentrated Kitchen Range 2

Safelock K2 Premium Warewash Detergent is a super-active, non-foaming blend of grease cutting & emulsifying agents with tannin neutralisers. Ideal for processing crockery and cooking utensils through commercial dishwashers.

Safelock K3

Ultra Concentrated Kitchen Range 3

Safelock K3 Premium Warewash Rinse Additive is a concentrated, lemon-charged wetting agent that enables glassware, dishes and utensils to dry thoroughly & quickly without streaking