Food Services

Improve Your Food Safety & Hygiene Compliance´╗┐ With True Blue Chemicals

Our experience with customers in the many different facets of the hospitality industry including clubs, hotels, resorts, sporting and entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes allows us to offer a complete range of efficient and economical products that work, and to deliver superior service to your site. Some of the Gold Coast’s most famous hospitality icons understand that by using True Blue Chemicals, they can:

* Save money through superior formulations and systems
* Save time and money through reducing re-washing
* Run their business more efficiently with superior products and exceptional support and training
* Improve food safety and hygiene compliance
* Remain environmentally responsible.

Download this quick reference guide to the True Blue products recommended for the different areas of hospitality.

Dishmatic L

Chlorinated Heavy Duty Dishwashing Detergent

DISHMATIC L is a liquid detergent formulated for machine dishwashing. A highly active non-foaming blend of grease cutting and emulsifying agents, designed to process corckery and cooking utensils through the dishwashing machine to a sparkling finish.

Rinse Aid

Concentrated Machine Dishwash Drying Aid

Rinse Aid is a concentrated super wetting agent, which enables glassware, dishes and utensils to dry thoroughly and quickly without spotting or streaking.


Concentrated Hand Dishwashing Detergent

Jadet’s cleaning ability is long lasting even under the most trying conditions found in commercial kitchens. Jadet’s excellent rinsability and exceptional hard water tolerance, coupled with superior foaming and wetting agents make Jadet ideal for hand washing of dishes, cooking utensils and glassware.


Economical Hand Dish Wash Detergent

Wattle is an economical liquid detergent. Used as a general all purpose detergent, excellent for hand washing of dishes, cooking utensils and glasses. Also for use in general cleaning of surfaces, floors, walls, cars, etc.


Kitchen / Food Processing Cleaner / Degreaser

DFA100 is a concentrated foaming, grease releasing cleaner developed especially for kitchens, restaurants, abattoirs and all food processing industries. DFA100 breaks down fatty grease build-ups faster and easier than any other type of cleaner, and is specially formulated to penetrate and cut through proteins, fats, grease, vegetable oil, blood and soap scum on all hard surfaces. DFA100 can be applied with mops, high pressure sprays, foam sprayers or manually. DFA100 when used in conjunction with a pressure / washer foamer, leaves a heavy layer of penetrating and emulsifying foam on all types of surfaces found in food processing areas such as kitchens, abattoirs, food processors – anywhere food is being prepared, packaged, stored or served. Highly recommended for removal of heavy fat deposits on floor rotisseries, hot plates and stainless steel kitchen fittings.

Whack It

Cutlery Soak

Cutlery soaker. A combination of grease emulsifiers, penetrants & corrosion inhibitors clean, brighten & remove stains.


Food Grade Sanitiser

Wipeout is a multi faceted food grade sanitiser formulated to provide excellent bactericidal properties especially aimed at pathenogenic food origin bacteria eg. E-coli and salmonella. Wipeout will not contaminate food areas.

SOC – Super Oven Cleaner

Oven Cleaner

SOC is a highly alkaline oven and grill cleaner which quickly dissolves heavy grease and food build up on ovens and hot plates. SOC de-carbonises, de-crusts and de-fats in one operation. A powerful formula proves SOC with the strength to remove burnt on carbon and grease deposits from cast iron, steel, stainless steel, glass, enamel and ceramic surfaces.


Cleaner / Sanitiser

CLEANKILL is a concentrated high foaming, grease releasing sanitiser. CLEANKILL is a blend of grease cutting and emulsifying agents boosted with a super-chlorinated bleaching and germ killer. CLEANKILL provides a dense cleaning and sanitising foam, which penetrates and emulsifies the heavy build ups of grease, fats and oil on all types of surfaces found in food processing areas such as kitchens and abattoirs, and in bathrooms.