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Solutions Chemicals – New Range

Introducing our new range of concentrated cleaning chemicals, Solutions Chemicals, specifically designed for Commercial Kitchen and Commercial Cleaning applications.

New environmentally friendly chemicals made locally here in QLD. These new chemicals are by far and away the best available on the market today.

Advantages include:
Cost In Use – The MOST cost effective chemicals we have ever sold. For example our 5 Litre machine detergent will do as many washes as any 15 litre chemical on the market at half the price.

Safety – No more spills due to the revolutionary Safe-lock cap system.

Environmentally Friendly –  New formula’s that have don’t rely on dangerous chemicals for cleaning power.

Company Support – Full chemical training provided free for your staff and your self, free OHS compliant signage for your work area, current SDS supplied and OHS compliant labelled bottles.

Enquire today to see how Bosca Trading and Solutions Chemicals can save you money on your chemical bills and make your workplace safer and OHS compliant.


Solutions Chemicals

SDS for the all new Solutions Range of cleaning chemicals.

Commercial Kitchen SDS
K6 Machine Dish Wash Concentrate
K5 Rinse Aid Concentrate
K4 Hand Dish Wash Concentrate
K1 Kitchen Dynamic Degreaser Concentrate
S4 Saniclean Cleaner Sanitiser
S3 Lemon Disinfectant
2 Food Grade Sanitiser Non-Rinse
Beer Glass Cleaner


Commercial Cleaning Chemicals SDS
GP4 Neutral Cleaner
S3 Easy Clean General Purpose Cleaner
A2 Fresh Air Air Freshener Deodoriser Concentrate

Bathroom and Toilet Cleaners SDS
B3 Rejuvenator Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner
B3 Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Window & Glass Cleaner SDS
W2 Clear View Window & Glass Cleaner